​Are you a young performer, age 8 or over, who would like to make a difference to underserved aspiring young dancers, actors and singers in your community? Apply to become an ambassador and you will receive step by step instructions


There are many ways of contributing to our causes at Little By Little

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Little-by-Little is a Performing Arts Volunteer Program comprised of young performers from Broadway, TV and Dance world.  They receive invitations to enroll for upcoming programs, and the ones that are available offer their talents and time, as performers or to do volunteer jobs.




Mani Svavarsson and Gem King, song¬writers / lyricists, and script contributor of LazyTown, an Inter
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Emily Strugatsky

Emily Strugatsky is 8.5 years old little actress with huge dreams for her future. Emily knew she belongs on stage from the time she was very young. A little over a year ago we discovered that Emily has a very strong belt and as it turned out an amazing singer. Emily has been involved in arts since she was very young. Emily has been trained in gymnastics, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and lyrical dancing. Emily is following her brother's footsteps in dancing and competing in ballroom dance. Last month Emily was chosen to attend Ultimate Vocal Summit in LA for protégée children. Post the summit Emily was invited to be a member of a protégée program. Emily's dream is to be a broadway actress and put smiles on people's faces.