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Little by Little provides access for aspiring dancers, singers, and actors/actresses who do not have traditional exposure to performing arts, with a focus on those who have been affected by personal crisis / illness or disasters around the world. 

Initiatives include working with the performing arts community to provide scholarships for performing arts programs, performances and workshops and collaborating locations for dancewear donation drives.

Raquel Wallace created "Little By Little" when she was 10 years old. It was not until the help of fellow performer/friend Chloe Lang that the Little by Little Program really began to take shape.  Additional Little by Little performers have joined the efforts.


My name is Raquel Wallace, founder of Little by Little.


Our mission is to provide access for aspiring dancers, singers, and actors who do not have traditional exposure to the performing arts, with a focus on disadvantaged children. So what does that mean?  Well, let me start from the beginning!

I love to dance, sing, and act and I have been blessed with great opportunities, because I have supportive and loving parents.  When I was 10 years old, my eyes were opened when I went to Colombia. My mom is from Medellin and we went on a mission trip and visited young girls under the age of 15, in a halfway home for at-risk youth. There, I danced and sang with them and I asked them to join me in the activities. I was so surprised to see the amount of talent they had. You would think that they might be on Broadway!


I became good friends with one of the girls, Alison.  She sang and had the most beautiful voice.  When I returned home, on Cape Cod,  I sold chocolates and lemonade, gathered school supplies and anything else I could to bring back to the girls for that following Christmas. When I arrived again I immediately looked for Alison. My heart hurt and stomach truly felt nauseous when I learned that she wasn’t at the home anymore and no one knew where she was.  One weekend she went with one family member and never came back. They "sold her". That day my mom had to explained to me that she's a victim of human trafficking​. I haven't heard from her since then, so that day I swore to myself that I would use my passion for dancing, singing, and acting to reach into the lives of these children through the performing arts.

And that's how  Little By Little was born!!!  

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